Semi permanent makeup

Cosmetic Procedures at Beauty Withinn

All consultations are free with no obligation

Split payment option is available on all Permanent Makeup treatments, Please ask for more details

Ruth Barron-Munns has one goal in mind, to enhance your natural beauty. She is fully licensed, insured and trained to diploma level in micropigmentation offering lip, eyebrow and eyeliner treatments and she ensures she keeps up to date with the latest methods and trends. She believes that everybody deserves to feel great about the way they look and the variety of services she offers is suitable for every need. Ruth specialises in enhancing the natural you. She offers affordable, safe and painless treatments for people of all ages. In addition to all of this she offers skin needling treatments called Meso Therapy. Meso can be administered to the face, neck and décolletage and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scaring by placing serums in specifically targeted areas. 

We also offer split payment options on all Permanent Makeup Treatments – please contact us for more details or we can discuss your options at your consultation.

Please note that all treatments will require a consultation prior to treatment which can take place before OR on the day of your treatment. All consultations are free with no obligation

Semi permanent make up for lips, eyebrows & eyeliner
  • Hairstroke Brows

    £350 2.5hrs

  • Powder Makeup Brows

    £350 2.5hrs

  • Combination Brows (hairstrokes and shading)

    £375 2.5hrs

  • Lash Enhancement (Top OR Bottom)

    £250 1.5hrs

  • Lash Enhancement (Both lash lines)

    £300 2hrs

  • Eyeliner (Top OR Bottom)

    £275 1.5hrs

  • Lip Liner

    £300 – 1.5hrs

  • Lip Blush with Liner

    £325 – 1.5hrs

  • Blush without Liner

    £350 – 2hrs

  • Full Lip

    375 – 2.5 hrs

Meso Skin Needling is a gentle but effective and targeted facial where specially selected serums are placed directly in the skin – plumping fine lines , wrinkles and improving overall skin texture whilst also boosting collagen production and can help appearance of acne scaring. It is recommended that a course of 6 treatments are carried out over 3 months – 1 per week for the first 4 weeks then 1 a month to for the next 2 months.

Meso Therapy- Skin Needling Facials
  • One off treatment

    £65 – 1hr

  • One off treatment with cherry peel mask

    £80 – 1hr 10mins

  • Course of 6


  • Course of 6 with cherry peel at first treatment

    £340 – 1hr

Colour Boost

Colour Boost for existing Bare Beauty Clients

  • Within 6 months

    £75 – 1.5hrs

  • Within 12 months

    £150 – 2hrs

  • Within 18 months

    £200 – 2.5hrs

  • Hair Stroke Brows


  • Powder Brows


  • Combination Powder & Hairstroke


  • Part Brow/Scar coverage


  • Eyeliner (optional flick, top lash line only)


  • Eyeliner (both lash lines)


  • Eyelash Enhancement (fine liner to either top or bottom)


  • Eyelash Enhancement (fine liner to both lash lines)


  • Lip liner with soft blush


Colour Boosts for existing clients:
  • Within 12 months


  • Within 18 months


  • Permanent Makeup Correction or colour boosts for new clients

    Price based on consultation