Gel Nails Review

Gel Nails Review

If you’re thinking of indulging in a bit of pampering over the party season, then gel nails are the way to go as Tanya Shirley will confess! Read about her recent experience with us below:

It’s all about the nails, ‘bout the nails, gel nails!

That’s right girls! If you’re looking to treat yourself to a bit of nail pampering, you need to get yourselves down to Beauty Withinn. Based at the Park Inn Hotel (and also in St James) I didn’t realise what a treat I was in for when I got there.

As soon as I walked into the salon at The Park Inn, I was swept away to relax-heaven! The calming music being played meant I instantly switched off and I found myself quickly relaxing into the soft melodies.

While I waited for my treatment to start I was asked if I wanted to sit in their massage chair. Now who’s going to turn down this down? Not me, that’s for sure! I’ve tried a few massage chairs in my time, but this was nothing like I expected. Reclining into the back of the seat with my feet up too, I felt am amazing kneading sensation working from the top of my shoulders down to the bottom of my spine, whilst at the same time my calves were being massaged too. I found myself drifting off and it felt like I was getting a real-life massage. Absolute heaven!

When it stopped, I’ll admit, I was a little disappointed only because it was so good! I didn’t want it to end but then more pampering awaited so I was taken over to a beauty table where Natalie, the owner, started filing down my nails and preparing them for some gel treatment.

Again, I’ve had gel polish before only this time it was different. Where I’ve used similar bottles to nail varnish, each layer of gel, from the base to the top coat was individually painted from small pots with what looked like a mini paint brush!

I didn’t know what shade to go for so Natalie asked me a few questions about my favourite colours, what clothes I tend to wear and whether I had a special occasion or party coming up. She suggested, and showed me, a few options and after a lot of oooh-ing over each one we decided on a rich cerise pink.

Rather than doing all nails on one hand, two were done at a time and then put under the gel lamp before more layers were added. I genuinely felt like my nails were being individually treated like a blank canvas and painted to the highest of quality.

It was a great experience, my nails look gorgeous and there was no doubt about it I felt so relaxed and a little bit prettier too!

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