Vanessa’s Micro Dermabrasion Facial

Vanessa’s Micro Dermabrasion Facial

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived as i had many facials before and was always happy with the results but never THIS happy. I can instantly see wrinkles on my forehead are smoother and visibly reduced! My skin looks much more even and an overall brighter complexion.

I am so pleased the results are as good as I had expected as I felt as though I hadn’t looked after my skin well for a while. I am exposed to a lot of pollution working in central London as well as not having enough sleep or drinking enough water. This facial seems to have done the trick giving me back the healthy glow. I can’t thank them enough!

The session was approx 1 hour and it was relaxing from start to finish. The therapist started by Cleansing my skin then using a facial wash to throughly cleanse.She then applies a soothing toner and blotted dry. The microsermabrasion machine was then used to exfoliate and also concentrated on problem areas such as lines, wrinkles and blemishes. She then washed crystals off and applied face mask and gave me a relaxing head and shoulder massage! Fabulous!! The face mask was then washed off, toner used and moisturiser applied.

I also had the luxury of enjoying a half an hour back massage beforehand. What a way to unwind and look amazing and feel better.

The team at ‘Beauty Withinn’ make you feel very welcome and so I would highly recommend you to have one too!!

All the best,

Vanessa, 32,


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