Semi Permanent makeup

Cosmetic and Semi Permanent Makeup Procedures


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Discover a range of affordable, safe and painless cosmetic procedures in Northampton when you visit Beauty Withinn. We pride ourselves on working with the best people in the county and Ruth Barron-Munns is our resident cosmetic artist, specialising in cosmetic procedures that will enhance your features and help you look and feel your best.

Always up to date with the latest methods and trends, Ruth is fully insured, licensed and trained and her treatments include:

  • Semi Permanent Makeup
  • Meso Therapy
  • Colour Boost

We also offer flexible payment options and no obligation consultations so you can find out everything you need to know about cosmetic procedures. Please contact us for more details.

Enhance your natural beauty with semi-permanent makeup, expertly applied by Ruth Barron-Munns, our in-house semi-permanent makeup artist.

Ruth’s semi-permanent makeup services include: micropigmentation with lip, eyebrow and eyeliner treatments.

Modern permanent makeup techniques have moved on rapidly from the harsh makeup lines of old. Ruth takes her time to listen to your needs and uses fine, light lines of colour after an in-depth colour analysis to give you the look and feel you need.

Contact us today and come along and see Ruth for a no obligation consultation to discover the beauty of semi-permanent makeup.

Semi permanent make up for lips, eyebrows & eyeliner
  • Hair-stroke Brows

    A gentler alternative to micro blading (which cuts into the skin), hair-stroke brows are applied with a tattoo needle to the brow area precisely and with fine, natural looking results so that the end result mimics the natural brow hair in colour, angle and thickness.

    £350 2.5hrs

  • Powder Makeup Brows

    Tiny little dots of pigment are inserted into the skin for a natural, yet defined look.

    £350 2.5hrs

  • Combination Brows (hairstrokes and shading)

    For those who prefer the appearance of hair-stokes but with the fullness of powder makeup brows, this option combines the two for a striking yet natural finish.

    £375 2.5hrs

  • Lash Enhancement (Top OR Bottom)

    A gentle yet effective lash lift treatment that lifts lashes without the need for false lashes.

    £250 1.5hrs

  • Lash Enhancement (Both lash lines)

    Lift and define both upper lashes for a more striking yet natural lash look.

    £300 2hrs

  • Eyeliner (Top OR Bottom)

    Enhance your eyes with semi-permanent eyeliner. Expertly applied to a thickness and look that suits you.

    £275 1.5hrs

  • Lip Liner

    Define your natural lip shape.

    £300 – 1.5hrs

  • Lip Blush with Liner

    Add a soft blush of colour to your lips, along with softly drawn liner.

    £325 – 1.5hrs

  • Blush without Liner

    A blush pop of colour for your lips for a beautifully natural look.

    £350 – 2hrs

  • Full Lip

    Achieve a more dramatic look with a full lip of colour.

    £375 – 2.5 hrs

Improve sagging and stimulate the creation of collagen and elastin with this wonderful treatment. Often referred to as skin needling facials, Meso Therapy uses injections of plant extracts, vitamins, enzymes and hormones to tighten and rejuvenate the skin. Results are immediate and you’ll notice your skin has a fresher, more youthful appearance. As a technique, it can also be used to remove excess fat.

To obtain the best results, we recommend a course of 6, but even a one off treatment can give you fantastic results. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation and to find out more about our flexible payment options.

Meso Therapy- Skin Needling Facials
  • One off treatment

    £65 – 1hr

  • One off treatment with cherry peel mask

    £80 – 1hr 10mins

  • Course of 6 (equal to buy 5 get 6th free)


  • Course of 6 with cherry peel at first treatment (best money saving option)

    £340 – 1hr

Enhance and extend your semi-permanent makeup with Colour Boost. We recommend you have a colour boost treatment within either 6, 12 or 18 months to maintain your semi-permanent makeup.

Colour Boost

Colour Boost for existing Bare Beauty Clients

  • Within 6 months

    £75 – 1.5hrs

  • Within 12 months

    £150 – 2hrs

  • Within 18 months

    £200 – 2.5hrs

  • Hair Stroke Brows


  • Powder Brows


  • Combination Powder & Hairstroke


  • Part Brow/Scar coverage


  • Eyeliner (optional flick, top lash line only)


  • Eyeliner (both lash lines)


  • Eyelash Enhancement (fine liner to either top or bottom)


  • Eyelash Enhancement (fine liner to both lash lines)


  • Lip liner with soft blush


Colour Boosts for existing clients:
  • Within 12 months


  • Within 18 months


  • Permanent Makeup Correction or colour boosts for new clients

    Price based on consultation