Wellaplex is the most requested and recommended hair treatment at Beauty Withinn.


Thanks to Wellaplex , your hair stays healthy and looks incredible due to the N°1 Bond Maker that helps reduce hair damage and creates bonds within the hair while lightening or colouring or even as a stand alone treatment after colouring services. You can even just have the stand alone treatment just to strengthen your hair and repair it.

  •  N°2 Bond Stabilizer : Continues to rebuild the damaged hair
  • Strengthens hair structure after chemical treatment
  • Reduces hair damage by up to 97% compared to colouring/bleaching without Wellaplex
  • Contains moisturizing ingredients and has an ideal pH.


At Beauty Withinn we charge only £10 for this incredibly repairing hair treatment!

Emily – Senior Creative Stylist : This treatment is a must have with any colouring service! I would highly recommend it to anyone who feels their hair is damaged , its amazing for your hair and its so relaxing having this treatment done! This is my number 1 go to treatment for many of my clients’

‘Heather – Senior Creative Stylist: I use Wellaplex on myself because I am a blonde and my hair is compromised due to using bleach. I often changed my colours, so using Wellaplex helps keep my hair a beautiful healthy, shiny, luscious condition, so I recommend this is all my clients.’

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