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I have such a busy life with my salon, which never stops at 9 to 5, and my two children! Yes, I do get tired but I love, love, love my Botox! Carly has worked alongside me now for over 5 years and I would highly recommend her. The key, just like anything is “Just Don’t Over Indulge.” I do mine twice a year so my muscles naturally relax and don’t look like I just jumped out of a plane and my forehead still on the plane when I have landed haha! So subtlety is definitely the key. The best part is that I am turning 40 and on a good day the compliments of, “no way are you turning 40!” I have to admit, make me feel good!

So, if you have ever thought about trying Botox then why not book in for a consultation with our Nurse Carly? She is a prescriber so would highly recommend a pick me up.

Look great and have glowing skin!

Get ready for Christmas and give us a call on 01604 588 881 to find out when the next clinic is available!

Natalie Salon Owner

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