Jul 10, 2019


Taking inspiration from Dancing Queens of the Carnival Scene; GHD proudly introduces The Festival Collection and our Headline Act, GHD platinum+.

Dazzle the crowds with gorgeous hair this festival season. The GHD platinum+ is the SMART styler with ground-breaking ultra-zone and predictive technology that predicts your hair’s personal needs and adapts the power accordingly. Recognizing the thickness of your hair and your styling speed, the platinum+ styler delivers unbeatable results in just one stroke. With the optimum styling temperature of 185°C, you can look forward to 70% stronger hair*, 20% more shine**, and 2 times more colour integrity*, whatever your hair type.

With universal voltage and a coordinating heat resistant bag, you can take festival hair global. Then dance the night away care-free thanks to the automatic sleep mode that turns the styler off after 30 minutes of non-use.

Embrace stunning rainbow hues and endless styling possibilities with the GHD festival collection; there’s never been a better time to experiment and express your style!

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Mar 12, 2019


Wow… we love getting your reviews. Here’s just a few from our lovely customers. Thank you so
much too all of you for your continued support.

‘Several years ago I decided to stop shaving and switch to waxing, but, I found waxing painful so
when Natalie said she was getting a laser machine I was keen to try it but nervous. I didn’t know
what to expect. How was it done? Would it really leave me hair free? More importantly would it
hurt? I had an initial consultation and Natalie completely put me at ease and answered all of my
questions. She did a little test area too.
I have now had 5 sessions to date and the results are amazing. The hair isn’t completely gone yet as
I’ve got a couple more sessions to go but what hair is left is very fine now. I am so pleased with the
It isn’t anywhere near as painful as waxing and the treatment takes half the time too, which means
more time in the salon for another treatment. The initial cost might seem high, but when compared
over the years to monthly waxing it is a huge cost saving. I wouldn’t use wax again, laser treatment is
the only option for me.’

‘Yesterday I had my daughter’s 8th birthday party at Beauty Withinn and they made the girls feel so
welcome! Their treatments were amazing and the girls felt like princesses! Thank you!’

My daughter and I had a lovely bonding afternoon at Beauty Withinn having our hair done. My
daughter really enjoyed it and chatted happily to the young girl shampooing her hair and Cody who
cut her hair. We’re both so happy with our hair and now, we’re booking to get our brows done… and

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Jan 18, 2019

Moroccan Oil

We’re so excited that we stock one of the most iconic hair products on the market… Moroccan Oil!
Moroccan oil is chock-full of hair-helping benefits. It gets its moisturizing properties from its high
levels of fatty acids, mostly made up of Oleic and Linoleic acids. It also has a lot of vitamin E and
naturally-occurring antioxidants. Because of the unique properties that make up Moroccan oil, it
helps hair maintain hydration, shine and can add much-needed flexibility to brittle hair.
You can also indulge in our Moroccan oil hair experience in the salon as well as buy products to take
home. Want to know more about this amazing brand and what to use on your hair? Ask us for more
information next time you’re in!

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Nov 28, 2018

Princess Pamper Package

Princess Pamper package


Are you out of ideas for stocking fillers? Then treat your girls to a princess pamper package!

Here at Beauty Withinn we offer different packages for all ages, so you know you can always treat them no matter what age. Our list of packages are:

Little Angels Pamper Party

This package is priced at £17 per princess and is suitable for ages from 5 years old. The package includes;

  • Little Angels Curls
  • Little Angels Manicure
  • Little Angels Make up

*Parental consent form must be signed.

Little Miss Pamper Package

This package is priced at £30 per princess and is suitable for ages 10-14 years old. The package includes three treats from;

  • Little Miss Manicure
  • Little Miss Pedicure
  • Little Miss Facial
  • Little Miss Make-Up
  • Little Miss Curls

*Parental consent form must be signed. A parent or guardian must be present during the facial treatment.

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Oct 12, 2018

Laser Hair Removal at Beauty With Inn

The 3D TrilogyIce Laser Hair Removal System!

Natalie Faulkner, salon owner, is bringing something new Beauty Withinn! We would like to introduce to you the 3D TrilogyIce Laser hair removal system.

“Wow it was my dream to have a laser hair removal machine in my salon by the time I turned 40, however other dreams stepped into the picture first. One being my beautiful baby boy Harry.”

Natalie has kept her dream going and just shy of  her 42nd birthday and she can finally reveal that the salon is extremely proud to say that it will be offering full laser hair removal for women and men.

“Once my therapists and myself have completed the training for laser hair removal, we will be fully qualified at level 4 which will put us the ultimate top level NVQ therapists. We aim to be up and running 1st November 2018”.

The Laser

This is a 100 percent 3 wave length laser. Its multiple layer wavelengths allows operators to treat the widest range of patients and hair types all year round. The laser performs treatments quickly and comfortably whilst achieving the best clinical results.

“I have personally done a lot of research into laser treatments and only want the best for our customers. What works, is safe, affordable but most importantly pain free”.


All treatments will be subject to consultation prior to the appointment at no cost. This will be available from the 1st  November 2018.

We will need models at a reduced rate. If you are interested please feel free to message us and get booked in for a consultation.

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Nov 15, 2017

Thanks to all who came to our Elemis Ladies Night!

Earlier this month, the Beauty With Inn team held an Elemis open ladies night. As always when we stage these events, the turnout was fantastic and it was lovely to see so many of our regulars make an appearance.

The night was a unique chance to see the latest Elemis gift sets and products, and gave the attendees the opportunity for some proper hands-on time with lots of awesome new stuff from one of our favourite brands.

Beauty With Inn owner, Natalie Faulkner, was delighted with how the night panned out. “It was a great way to showcase all the beautiful Gift sets,” she explained once the event had finished. “My ultimate fave was the Pro Collagen Stars cleansing balm. It’s so beautiful to use and removes makeup so cleanly, leaving your skin feeling amazing and smelling stunning.”

In fact, Pro Collagen turned out to be one of the hottest products of the night, as Natalie continues: “Then, you have the Pro Collagen marine cream. And… well, I cannot leave my house without it! Truly magic in a box! I use every day and my skin feels great all day.”

The night also did it’s bit for charity. “We held a raffle during the Elemis event and raised £72 for the Lighthouse centre. This is a local charity that helps people in their own homes with terminal illnesses. It’s a charity that’s particularly close to me, and I’ll forever be thankful to Gemma Dearsley for looking after my mum in the last few days of her fight with cancer.

“So, all in all a fab night for the ladies that attended! The team were also fantastic and received their own share of pampering during the event. In fact, I simply want everyone – my customers and team – to feel truly as spoilt as I do!”

Details on the next Elemis Ladies Night at Beauty With Inn will follow in the not too distant future – stay tuned!

Some more photos from the event:

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Oct 20, 2017

4 back-to-basics tips for better hair

Do you look after your hair in-between those trips to the salon?

No… you know, really look after it?

Our hair is put through quite a bit, day-in, day-out. It’s exposed to different elements, scratched, prodded and stroked. We blow-dry it, wash it (and forget to wash it) and tie it up when it’s doing nothing more than getting in our way.

Poor hair. Deserves a break, eh (not literally!)?

What follows is four things you can do from now on to give your hair the best chance of long term health and ensure it always looks at its best.

1. Don’t leave it wet

Ok, so you need to run out to the shops, or catch the bus which you missed yesterday morning – but what about your wet, dangly hair?

Leaving hair wet is one of the worst things you can do to it. A bit like spaghetti, it will simply begin to swell relentlessly and, as a result, become weaker over time.

Allow time to dry your hair properly. Blow dry it (even before bed), and try washing it with cooler water, as this will improve the overall condition and make it stronger than ever.

2. Don’t get addicted to brushing

Your hair needs brushing, of course, but it’s easy to get a bit addicted to doing so (for some of us, it’s a comfort, after all).

Brushing your hair too much, however, can cause serious damage – particularly if you’re having to get knots out.

Knots aren’t worth losing your hair over, so be a little bit more gentle and work on sections of your hair, instead. Brush from the tips to the root and take it easy. Only brush when you absolutely need to.

Hair is more elasticated when wet, too, so remember that it’ll damage more easily without you knowing anything about it.

3. Try a different pillow case

This might sound a bit odd (and possibly a little extravagant), but swapping your old ropey pillow case for one made from silk can do wonders for the condition of your hair.

You’ll probably wake up with less frizz, too!

4. Take a look at your handbag

Sometimes, it’s the less obvious stuff that can have detrimental effects on your hair.

Take your handbag. If it features a shoulder strap, it might be doing more damage to your locks than you think.

Every time you sling the bag over your shoulder, you’ll catch your hair, and over time, that’ll make it more brittle and split. Eventually, it’ll break off – all because of your bag.

Who’d have thought it, eh? To prevent this, lose that shoulder strap!

We hope our hair tips help. Bar the silk pillow case, you won’t need to spend a penny, either!

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Nov 23, 2016

Botox Blog

I have such a busy life with my salon, which never stops at 9 to 5, and my two children! Yes, I do get tired but I love, love, love my Botox! Carly has worked alongside me now for over 5 years and I would highly recommend her. The key, just like anything is “Just Don’t Over Indulge.” I do mine twice a year so my muscles naturally relax and don’t look like I just jumped out of a plane and my forehead still on the plane when I have landed haha! So subtlety is definitely the key. The best part is that I am turning 40 and on a good day the compliments of, “no way are you turning 40!” I have to admit, make me feel good!

So, if you have ever thought about trying Botox then why not book in for a consultation with our Nurse Carly? She is a prescriber so would highly recommend a pick me up.

Look great and have glowing skin!

Get ready for Christmas and give us a call on 01604 588 881 to find out when the next clinic is available!

Natalie Salon Owner

Beauty Withinn

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Aug 31, 2016

Do you want celebrity styling without the celebrity prices?

Well you can!

The perfect blow- dry, for you, unlimited, for under £50!

From red carpet big brushed blow-drys to the sleek and smooth. Which Blow dry are YOU?!


The Big and Brushed blow-dry can completely change your image and give you the celebrity red carpet ready hair you have always wanted by simply using Wella body crafter and blow-drying the hair with a round brush adding volume and fullness to your hair and giving you a natural curl/wave that will have you ready for any occasion.SLEEK & SMOOTH?

The Sleek and Smooth blow-dry. By using Wella Perfect Me, a lightweight BB Lotion, you can create a natural style that is soft and smooth with a high shine which will allow you to go about your day to day life feeling nothing short of fabulous.

The Sleek and Smooth blow-dry. By using Wella Perfect Me, a lightweight BB Lotion, you can create a natural style that is soft and smooth with a high shine which will allow you to go about your day to day life feeling nothing short of fabulous.
The Beach Ready blow-dry will give you an undone, fresh from the beach style by using Wella Ocean Spritz. By using this you will add high texture and low shine to your hair with one simple ingredient, Natural Mineral Salt! This is the perfect image from being ready to party at any festival to just simply feeling free
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Nov 18, 2015

Ladies Pamper Evenings at Beauty WIth Inn

Ladies… What do you do on a Sunday evening? If you spend your day rushing around with the kids, washing and getting ready for the week ahead, putting your feet up with a glass of wine is always a great way to end the week, but, we have an even better suggestion… Ladies Pamper Evening at Beauty With Inn – a fantastic beauty salon in Northampton on the Harlestone Rd. And don’t worry, you can bring your wine with you!

As a group of busy mums, we can struggle to get together for a catch up but having discovered Beauty With Inn, Northampton and their pamper evenings, we booked in for a Sunday evening pamper. For just £35 per person we all received one and a half hours of treatments, which can be a mixture of mini facial, massage, head massage, manicures or pedicures, or you can opt for using your full 90 minutes on one favoured treatment.

We all turned up at 5pm with our wine, crisps and chocolates (well, it was a special occasion) and settled ourselves into the comfy chairs to catch up whilst the lovey ladies at Beauty With Inn prepared the serene treatments rooms.

This is how it worked, we all had allocated time slots so whilst two or three of us enjoyed our treatments, the rest of us had time to enjoy catching up until our slot.

It was a great evening, we all enjoyed our treatments, the massages were divine, the facials were blissful and our nails look amazing! So, if you want to end your busy week with some pamper and catch up time with the girls, or book an evening get together any other evening in the week, talk to Beauty With Inn, Northampton they’ll arrange everything for you and you’ll come away feeling ready to face a new week with glowing skin and relaxed shoulders!

This is definitely our favourite beauty salon in Northampton, and we’re sure it will be yours too!

Ladies Night
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