Apr 11, 2015

Natalie Faulker Salon owner is in the paper

Natalie Faulker Salon owner is in the paper , sharing her thoughts on business in the town, as herself a local business woman.

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Nov 11, 2014

Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Treatment Review

One of the treatments we offer is a Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial. This is an hour long, anti-ageing facial that targets blemishes, uneven skin tone, superficial scarring and fine lines by instantly resurfacing and smoothing the skin. It is clinically proven to visibly resurface the skin by up to 70% and increase smoothness by up to 32% after just one treatment to reveal younger looking skin.

We recently asked a new client of ours, Jules White, to review this treatment:


“This was my first facial, but it wasn’t a facial like I had imagined. They did my feet, went up and down my neck, shoulders and down my arms. It was a lot more than a facial. I hate the feeling of cream or oil on my face but the products they used were lovely and didn’t feel artificial. They weren’t perfumed; it smelt organic and didn’t feel greasy at all, they felt refreshing.”

As a business owner, Jules works all hours and understands the pressures that come with the work she does so a facial was a great choice for her.

“I found it very calming and although I didn’t switch off, I did feel like I had a better state of mind to be able to carry on my day. The massage was so gentle, not just on my face but also down around the top of my back where I had a lot on tension, but it still felt like I was getting a good massage. It was particularly good around the pressure points, especially my eyes. I was quite surprised at how good it felt. I could have almost fallen asleep, but not quite. I was really, really calm though and by the end I felt like my shoulders had dropped which was a lovely feeling, as I didn’t realise they were so high. I would definitely indulge again. I couldn’t believe I was in there for an hour, it felt like 15 minutes, time certainly flies! It was so relaxing.”

It’s not just about the massage either, we are focused on ensuring the whole body relaxes.

“The thing I really liked was when I went into the massage room and was asked to lie down, I was aware my back was stiff but that soon disappeared because the bed was heated so not only was I getting this lovely relaxing message, but the heat actually eased my back for the rest of the day.”

So the final verdict?

“I will definitely treat myself to this again, but next time I think I’ll do it on a weekend because I can carry on that feeling of relaxation and calm for the rest of the day and indulge in some chilled family time alongside it. After work would also be an option too because it would definitely help me drift off into a nice sleep, like all business owners I find it hard to switch off and relaxing usually means asleep!

I did find it incredibly calming. Where work can get quite intense at times, this massage was incredible! That feeling of calm clarity I got afterwards made me see how easy it is for those pressures to build up over time without you realising. It was refreshing and I did really enjoy the whole experience, not bad for a non-girlie girl.”

If you would like to find out more about the Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial treatment or would like to book in for one, contact us today and we will be happy to help.

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