Nov 13, 2019

Slimming Wraps at Beauty Withinn

Slimming Wraps in Northampton

Have you ever tried a slimming wrap? Slimming wraps are a great way to feel good in that party dress, especially during the up and coming festive party season, and our body wrap of choice – the SCR Seaweed Slender Look Inch Wrap System by CETUEM London gives you great results.

Just take a look at what one of our happy customers says about our slimming wraps…

I’d heard about the body wraps at Beauty Withinn and Natalie, the salon owner explained why she’d chosen the SCR wraps – not only did they give great results but she was so impressed by the company behind the wraps and their passion for the product

My body wrap session began with a lovely and thorough exfoliation on all the key body areas. My therapist explained that the scrub uses specially blended ingredients that are detoxifying, and then, she followed this with a massage that to aid circulation and break up the fatty tissues in preparation for the wrap.

Then, the real fun begins… being wrapped in cling film! But don’t worry, there’s a good reason for it! After being wrapped in the Algae treatment I lay down and, because I chose the deluxe wrap treatment, I had the most wonderfully relaxing Elemis facial.

When the wrap was ready to come off, my therapist adviser me to drink lots of water and that I could expect up to a loss of 6 inches in one session. Your measurements will also be taken before and after so you can view the results on paper as well as in the mirror!

All in all, these wraps are great. My clothes felt looser and my skin was left feeling incredibly soft too! I was so impressed I went on to book a course of treatments to take advantage of the fact I get one body wrap free! If you’re looking for a slimming wrap in Northampton I highly recommend this one.

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